Based in Seattle, WA

About Us

MUi Pet Company (Up Dog Toys' sister company), strives to design beautiful and functional pet products to all pet lovers.

And here is our story...

It started after my beloved furiends said goodbye. Mui and Mulan were my best friends. They were always there; alongside my ups and downs as I grew up. After their passings, I feared our memories would fade away as time goes by.

Looking for ways to solidify memories, a decision was made to build MUi Pet Company that is inspired by our memories and experiences, and share them with the world. The name of our company stems from combining Mui and Mulan's names together.

As beautiful fluffy furiends, Mui and Mulan sparked my interest in improving daily experiences for pet owners. All our products were inspired by their remembrance; each product represents a laughter or struggle of our times together.

Along our journey, we merged with Up Dog Toys as we share similar missions. Together, we strive to design for beauty and functionality and to bring modern pet products to happy dogs and happy humans. Crafted with forever furiendship in mind, I hope you and your furiend enjoy our products, and continue to build fond memories.