Designed for you and your dog

Playtime with Treats

Put treats in it and your dog tries to get them out, providing mental stimulation and physical activity. If your dog enjoys food, they will love The Odin.

Fits in your home

Dogs don't care how their toys look, they just want to play. We made a beautiful dog toy that complements your home and your dog will love.


Connect multiple toys to add variation and change the difficulty. Each dog behaves differently depending on the number of toys used.

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1% of all purchases go to help animals

We donate toys and a portion of all sales to our local animal shelter, Emerald City Pet Rescue.


How do I use The Odin?

Start off with very small treats or kibble that will easily fall out of the 4 holes on the sides of the toy. By using small treats, your dog will learn to get treats out gently by rolling or picking up and dropping The Odin.

Show your dog that by shaking or rolling the toy, treats will fall out and then give them the toy for them to try. Supervise your dog at all times while they are playing. Do not allow your dog to chew or rip at the toy, as this will reduce the longevity of your toy.

If your dog has no problems with the above and you'd like to increase the challenge, try larger treats and continue to monitor your dog.

How tough is The Odin?

The Odin is not made to be a chew toy or to be forced open. As long as you prevent those behaviors, the toy will last. We've had people with big, strong dogs say that The Odin is an amazing toy for their dog, but on the other hand also have had small dogs who have chewed through the toy.

Supervise and guide your dog as they play. Once they start chewing, take it away and toss it for them to fetch and play again. Ideally your dog should be rolling and picking up and dropping the toy to get the treats out, not biting, tearing or forcing their snouts into the The Odin. We've discovered that the flaps are the weakest part of the toy and so the most care should be taken that your dog does not chew on the flaps while playing.

What's the benefit of having 2 or more Odin toys?

Connecting additional toys keeps The Odin interesting and challenging, making your dog play with it longer. When just one Odin is used, it rolls around in all directions. When two or more Odins are connected, it does not roll as easily and is harder to pick up so your dog will have to play with it differently.

Every dog we've tested with plays with one toy much more differently than they do with two toys connected since it changes from a ball to a longer log-like shape when two are attached together. For some dogs this is easier and for others, it is harder.

What are the dimensions of The Odin?

3.6in x 3.3in x 3.8in. It's bigger than a tennis ball but smaller than a softball. It holds about 1 cup food.

What's your warranty/return policy?

If you purchased from us, we will provide a refund or one time replacement, no questions asked. Just contact us at If you bought it from a retailer, please return to the same location.

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Ever since our dog, Odin, came into our lives, he’s shared his innate happiness with everyone who encounters him. The joy he so easily spreads inspired us to start Up Dog Toys with a mission to make happy dogs and happy dog owners.

In the same way that Odin makes everyone's day better, we hope our products will make you and your dog's day better too.

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